In the dead of winter, there’s probably nothing better than to start thinking about how you are going to be spending those long, warm, sunny days of summer. And what better way to enjoy the outdoor life and freedom of the open than behind the wheel of a motorhome.

So – whatever the time of year – as you settle down to consider buying a motorhome, what are some of the most important points to take into consideration?

Size matters

Probably the greatest feature of any motorhome is its versatility. You not only get to drive it from A to B, but it also provides shelter in which to take your lunch along the way and your accommodation when it is time for bed.

Versatility also gives you the choice between a motorhome that is a genuine home away from home – with all the creature comforts you might possibly want – and a vehicle that is agile and manoeuvrable enough for negotiating new and unfamiliar routes while still providing more than adequate sleeping accommodation at the end of the day’s touring.

Size, therefore, often represents a balance between manoeuvrability on the move and spacious comfort at the end of the day.

Whatever size motorhome you eventually choose, you might want to take advantage of one of the Manoeuvring Courses run by the Camping and Caravanning Club for its members.


The bigger your motorhome, of course, the heavier it is likely to weigh and the payload you can carry.

As a guide published by AutoTrader Motorhomes explains, weight is an equally important consideration, especially if you have chosen a vehicle in one of the heavier categories. You may then need to consider whether your standard Category B driving licence qualifies you to drive the vehicle.


The design and planning that goes into the internal layout of every kind of motorhome – from a simple campervan to the largest of leisure vehicles – has become ever more skilled and innovative.

There are countless possibilities when it comes to the motorhome’s layout and you might want to give serious consideration to the one that best suits your proposed use. If you are likely to be travelling alone or with your partner, for example, a simple layout that requires converting the seating into beds at night might suffice; if you are likely to be holidaying with the family or expect to be entertaining, then a layout that includes a more spacious lounge area and fixed beds may be more appropriate.


When you have made certain choices with respect to the layout, overall size and weight of your preferred motorhome, the final decision might come down to the budget you have available.

These days, many motorhome dealers also offer a wide variety of finance options for the purchase of your chosen leisure home. So, you may not need to draw on all of your savings or persuade your bank manager to arrange a large personal loan.

Dealers themselves have a clear interest in selling you the motorhome, so their finance deals are invariably competitive and may cover the full range of options currently available – even including, for example, the opportunity for Personal Contract Purchase or PCP.